“If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”

by Gratitude Girl Robin Kirby

My friend NW used to say “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”

I have not taken care of my body very well over the years, often abusing it with food and with lack of exercise, so I have decided to change this area of my life…..Let this new journey commence….4 weeks ago!

Yes, I joined a gym and I actually GO there and work my heart and my muscles. My goal is improved strength and improved health. If I become the hottest 52 year old therapist in Atlanta, that will be an additional bonus. What I am coming to appreciate is that there is nothing like a new undertaking to remind me to consistently keep turning my thoughts toward what I appreciate.  Staying focused on the fact that I have begun this endeavor and have made progress has been challenging for me at times, when I have looked around the gym to see others able to do so much more than I.  There are men and women far older than I who out pace and out lift me by a long shot. I am clear, that when I focus on “what is”, I get more of “what is”. When I focus on lack of fitness, I get more lack of fitness.

I am glad that I have the opportunity to further change my focus toward appreciation and gratitude, especially for my body. In fact what amazes me is that despite the abuse and neglect that I have visited on this body, it still works !  What a magnificent gift! My senses that are housed in this body continue to see, feel, taste, and hear and perceive! My legs move me along with ease. My arms are fully able to embrace my loved ones. I still have boundless energy for work and for play. The wrinkles on my face are indicative of many smiles and much laughter.  Indeed it is miraculous that my body is still able to do everything that is important to me…..including growing stronger with exercise and good nutrition. Thank you body, thank you.

Soooooo…. I am learning to show appreciation to my body by caring for it as well as I cared for the bodies of my children. When my children were living in my care, I made sure that they were involved in a balance of activities to improve their bodies and their minds. I fed them fresh foods, balanced meals and healthy snacks, (and a FEW empty calories every once in a while). I love my children, and I showed that in many ways including taking great care of their health. I am learning to treat my body like it is precious to me.

I am grateful that my body is becoming stronger and healthier each and every day.

Here are two people who inspire me……enjoy!

89 Year Old Yoga Instructor


No Arms, No Legs, No Problem

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