Dr. Robin Kirby

Robin Kirby picTherapist. Healer. Spiritual Counselor.
Dr. Robin Kirby passed away in January 2016.

A heart-centered therapist, Robin combined traditional cognitive techniques with hypnotherapy, regressive therapy, conscious connected breathing, meditation, and guided imagery to find the source of troubling emotions and patterns to facilitate healing at the deepest level. The nurturing environment she provided allowed clients to open their hearts and learn to live from a place of authenticity.

Her passion was working at the soul level, helping clients connect with their inner spark and the essence and source of their life-force energy. Her goal was to see each and every person she touched live vibrantly and joyously, touching others to bring more compassion and healing into the world.

Robin held a masters degree in education and a PhD in clinical psychology. She was a certified clinical hypnotherapist, certified release therapist, certified life coach, and educator. She was also a Reiki practitioner and was continually incorporating new energetic and spiritual healing modalities into her work. Her private practice was dedicated to the healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Robin’s loving impact continues to influence those who knew her.

One thought on “Dr. Robin Kirby

  1. Miss her still daily. Best therapist ever. She taught me so much and had compassion and caring for people like no one else.

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