Vanessa Lowry

Vanessa book signingMarketing consultant. Graphic designer. Writer. Professional doodler. Spiritual journeyer.

Vanessa collaborates with mindful entrepreneurs and marketing departments of small to medium size businesses to differentiate their brand through distinctive graphics, compelling copy, and unique strategies for promoting their products and services. Visit to learn more about her work, her doodle art, and her many side projects.

In addition to 30 Days of Gratitude, Vanessa’s collaborative book projects include:  Improv to Improve Your Business; Publishing as a Marketing Strategy; The 28-Day Thought Diet; The Adventure of an Ingenious Life; The Magical Influence of Listening; You Published!Write a Book – Change the World; and Happiness Recipe.

Vanessa wrote and illustrated the Doodle Basics Booklet, as well as Love Coloring, designed to help adults artfully relax. In addition, she collaborated with nine other artists to publish Coloring in Style.

As the host of the Art as Worship podcast, Vanessa interviewed more than seventy artists in the exploration of inspiration and creativity as an expression of spirituality. The archived podcasts are available on-demand at

Visit to learn more about her work, her doodle art, and her many side projects.

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