Not just another Gratur-day

by Gratitude Girl Robin Kirby

So I will begin……I am so profoundly touched on a daily basis by this wonderful community of gratitude that has arisen for our “30 Days of Gratitude” project. Each morning as I read through materials in search of a juicy quote to post on our Facebook fan page, I steep myself in literature from some of the greatest positive thinkers in history. I look forward to reading the feedback we receive and to sometimes engaging in brief dialog often with someone whom I have never met, and who might live halfway around the world! I feel linked spiritually with all 800+ who allow me/us this communication and this sharing.

Saturday, Carolyn, Vanessa, and I hosted another wonderful Saturday Gratur-day celebration. This was an intimate gathering of amazing individuals….again some of whom we had never met, and others who are dear friends. After a bit of visiting and getting-to-know-you chatter, we formed a circle, and from this point on, time was suspended, as we began a deep healing meditation. We focused on our physical bodies and noticed how our bodies might have been sending us physical messages in the form of discomfort, and meditated on the spiritual or emotional problem at the root of the issue, then transformed that message into the healing of the old wounded place that fueled the physical ailment. We then began to send love and appreciation to all of the parts of our bodies that feel good and function very well, noticing that all of the time, the greatest percentage of our bodies do feel good and are in perfect functioning order! From this place of healed energy we visualized healing for others and for the planet…….WHOA…..such powerful healing took place.

What stunned me the most, was the sharing we had after the meditation. Remember, this is a group of people who 30 minutes earlier did not know one another. The sharing in this circle was so intimate, it was like talking in a group of friends we had known our whole lives. The thing that united us all was our commitment to living more gratefully.
Ohhhhhhhhh……then there was the gong! Our Gong-Guru, Ben Lowry intoned the gong for us creating waves of sound that at once dissolved our old issues and amplified our healing. I felt like I was floating on the sound. What a gentle and nurturing process!
Please join us for our next gathering, or host one of your own and send us an invitation! We would love to meet you.

I am so grateful in this moment for the beautiful gathering of souls that is our community …in love and in unity, amplifying the energy of gratitude. I so appreciate my Gratitude Sisters for riding on this journey together, and for the peace that I feel and the love that I receive each and every moment as gratitude spreads worldwide!

Namaste y’all.

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