The Sun is Shining

By Gratitude Girl Carolyn It rained here for about a month. Until yesterday. And today the sun has come up with a brilliance rarely seen. We weathered (literally) 6.5 inches of rain in a three-day period last week. The creek overflowed its boundaries, creeping ever more closely to the house. Every day, it was the … More The Sun is Shining

Happy Thanks-Giving

By: Gratitude Girl Carolyn Happy Thanks-Giving Day. This morning I am sending out my most heartfelt appreciation for this life. In the midst of what may seem like chaos, I feel ever grateful. In the midst of what may seem like economic woes, I remain ever optimistic. In the midst of what may seem like … More Happy Thanks-Giving

Regaining My Muchness

by Gratitude Girl, Vanessa Lowry Sometimes you don’t realize something is gone until it returns. I’m grateful that I’m regaining my “muchness.” I saw the movie Alice in Wonderland recently and Johnny Depp’s character, The Mad Hatter, says to Alice, “You used to be much more… ‘muchier.’ You’ve lost your muchness.” I think we are … More Regaining My Muchness

“If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”

by Gratitude Girl Robin Kirby My friend NW used to say “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?” I have not taken care of my body very well over the years, often abusing it with food and with lack of exercise, so I have decided to change this area of … More “If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?”

Graturday in WV

by Gratitude Girl Vanessa We had so much fun at our Gratitude Meet-up in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Many of the people who have downloaded our free e-book, 30 Days of Gratitude, live in other parts of the US and all over the world. So, we are thrilled to have people join us with … More Graturday in WV


by Gratitude Girl Robin This time last week I was making preparations for our first gratitude meet up. I was feeling such excitement about the beginnings of stretching our project to include meeting participants personally for the purpose of amplifying the vibration of gratitude on the earth. I loved the feeling that came with connecting … More Grati-gathering

Reasons to Be Happy

By Gratitude Girl Vanessa I was the featured speaker for a Kiwanis group a few weeks ago and was delighted with one element of their weekly program. They let members announce their “Reasons to Be Happy” in exchange for a dollar donation to their club operating fund. What a cool idea! Just another way to … More Reasons to Be Happy