Graturday in WV

by Gratitude Girl Vanessa

We had so much fun at our Gratitude Meet-up in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Many of the people who have downloaded our free e-book, 30 Days of Gratitude, live in other parts of the US and all over the world. So, we are thrilled to have people join us with their own Gratitude Meet-ups wherever they may be.

The members of Valley View Seventh Day Adventist Church joined us for “Graturday” on May 1st. Here is their “grateful for” list and a couple of photos taken that day.  Host your own Gratitude Day and share the results with us!

Basking in Gratitude at Valley View Church

Valley View Seventh-day Adventist Church Gratitude list

Good medical test results.
Friends with a great sense of humor.
Answered prayer.
Family together again.
Easy work week.
Victories over trials.
My precious husband.
My wonderful wife.
Guardian angels.
God’s help and grace.
God’s help, blessing, and company every day.
Tribulations which keep us dependent on God and allow us to grow in Him.
My love of learning.
Electricity, heat, water, food.
Great family.
God’s forgiveness.
Friends, family, and God’s love.
Getting a job.
Employment opportunities God has opened for our family.
God’s grace.
Answers to prayer.
The blessed Hope.
A church to attend.
Teen Challenge, an organization the Lord used to save my grandson and other young people like him.
Thank God I was born in America.  God bless America.
For God’s many blessings.
For my church family not giving up on me.
For health, also the beautiful world God made and filled with flowers, lovely trees, and rushing water.
The amazing grace of God and salvation through the blood of Jesus.
God’s love and mercy.
All the good and perfect gifts from God.
For God loving me so much that He sent His son that I might live and receive all His blessings, including salvation.
Being able to sit at work and make beautiful pictures to share with others.
To meet people and tell them of God’s love.

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