The Sun is Shining

By Gratitude Girl Carolyn It rained here for about a month. Until yesterday. And today the sun has come up with a brilliance rarely seen. We weathered (literally) 6.5 inches of rain in a three-day period last week. The creek overflowed its boundaries, creeping ever more closely to the house. Every day, it was the … More The Sun is Shining

Happy Thanks-Giving

By: Gratitude Girl Carolyn Happy Thanks-Giving Day. This morning I am sending out my most heartfelt appreciation for this life. In the midst of what may seem like chaos, I feel ever grateful. In the midst of what may seem like economic woes, I remain ever optimistic. In the midst of what may seem like … More Happy Thanks-Giving

Graturday in WV

by Gratitude Girl Vanessa We had so much fun at our Gratitude Meet-up in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Many of the people who have downloaded our free e-book, 30 Days of Gratitude, live in other parts of the US and all over the world. So, we are thrilled to have people join us with … More Graturday in WV