Happy Thanks-Giving

By: Gratitude Girl Carolyn

Happy Thanks-Giving Day.

This morning I am sending out my most heartfelt appreciation for this life. In the midst of what may seem like chaos, I feel ever grateful. In the midst of what may seem like economic woes, I remain ever optimistic. In the midst of what may seem like world turbulence, I claim peace, joy and wholeness.

I am so grateful to be able to write this instantly available message. Imagine how unbelievable this type of message would have been even 15 years ago. Now, carried within the push of a button, I have instant access to the entire world. Instantly I can compose and send my message to every computer in the world. And for the foreseeable future, this particular message will await, in some cyber storage vault, the opening by interested persons. Can you imagine what this means?

Instantly we now have the ability to do what we could only imagine a few years ago. And this instant communication tool should be held with reverence for the power that it contains. Never before have humans possessed an instant means of communicating with so many of their fellows. We have a responsibility to hold this awesome power with fierce and constant vigilance, as well as with gratitude.

My gratefulness this morning is for the ability to communicate with my friends, my family and with the world. And my intention is to remind us all that we hold the power of the word within our grasp. In ways that will echo throughout history, we hold the power to use this tool for expanding our appreciation of the world, or for engendering hate. We hold the power, every one of us, for expanding love or expressing doubt. We hold the power, now captured within our computers, to encourage the development of world peace, or to destroy our species.

I am grateful for this day and for this incredible means of communicating. And I am grateful that the opportunity exists to express my thoughts and feelings. I am grateful that we can encourage each other to use our new tools with respect and reverence for the power to build, or destroy, which these tools contain.

So with every email, every instant chat, every blog post and every other means we now have at our disposal, may we remember the awesome power we hold in our hands. May we be grateful for the medium of communication and may we be aware of its power. As with the spoken word, the written word and the thought vibrations we send out, every message we compose has the ability to advance our species, expand world peace, encourage our fellow humans, and to restore joy and love. I am grateful to be able and willing to choose this day to express only peace, to express only love and to encourage all of us.

May your day be full of grateful moments. May your family be well. May your enemies be turned into compatriots by your love and may you feel the presence of universal peace and healing, today and every day! Happy Thanks-Giving.


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