by Gratitude Girl Robin

This time last week I was making preparations for our first gratitude meet up. I was feeling such excitement about the beginnings of stretching our project to include meeting participants personally for the purpose of amplifying the vibration of gratitude on the earth.
I loved the feeling that came with connecting with people newly coming into my life! Every person who came into the door brought positive energy, and an openness to new experience. I stood back for a few minutes, and watched as people met and interacted. I realized how not too long ago, the thought of hosting and meeting new people triggered low level anxiety for me. I used to need to push myself past these feelings in order participate in activities like this. What a different experience this was for me! I was able to see that as gratitude has become my focus, the painful shyness that I used to experience did not surface.
The events of the day were more powerful that any of us anticipated. Our meditation and sharing circle brought up beautiful stories and a depth of sharing that was both surprising and delightful! Many shared about the light that they experienced in their meditation. I became aware of how grateful I felt to be present in that moment feeling my vibration magnified as the energy of the group united in sending healing energy to those in need and to the planet. We were so blessed to have our “grati-dude” Ben Lowry perform a sound healing for us with his gong. I could feel myself and others releasing stale and unwanted energy and bringing in divine love and light.
Carolyn, Vanessa and I were thrilled as we thought we were bringing a successful event to a close….We were surprised and a bit shocked to discover that we were not finished after all. As we were prepared to say good bye, nearly everyone who came wanted to buy a “hard copy” of the book and a spontaneous book signing event occurred!
We were all laughing with joy as we signed books, shared hugs, and took in great, great love, as we shared one last moment connecting with each precious soul who came to share the morning with us.
Here I sit, one week later, still sitting feeling uplifted and inspired……..Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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