Grateful for Good Health

By Gratitude Girl Vanessa

Funny how we take things for granted until we see the contrast of what we don’t want.

Daddy is feeling better and enjoying breakfast before the bird watching hike on Saturday.

I am blessed and most thankful that my parents are in good health and active. The contrast was a recent bout of “ill health” for my 84 year-old dad. He and my mom spent two months this winter in Florida. Their days were filled with bird watching hikes; water aerobics and parties at the health club they joined; events at the church they attended; AND visits with family and friends living in Florida. They even got up at 4am to watch the NASA shuttle launch during the wee hours of the morning. Many people my age would have a hard time keeping up with them!

On their “northern migration” back to WV in mid-March, they stopped in Atlanta a few days to visit Ben and I. My dad started having some sinus drainage while he was here.

After getting back to WV, Daddy developed a full-blown sinus infection and went on a round of antibiotics. His horrible cough from draining sinuses caused him to sleep in his recliner for days. It continued to progress until he was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.

What a difference a few days makes. I’m grateful for the good care he received in the hospital and the ability of his body to heal. Daddy is out of the hospital now and on the road to recovery. Not 100%, but getting better all the time. He went back to water aerobics last week. This weekend, he went on a bird watching hike with my mom. He is also making plans to plant garden. (The garden plot has already been plowed once.)

The blessing of my parent’s good health was emphasized for me when my good friend’s mom passed away while my dad was in the hospital. Leah’s mom had been ill for more than 10 years… some weeks in better health than others.

So, I’m grateful for wonderful, loving, cute-as-a-button parents who I pray will be healthy up until the day they leave this earth. And I’m thankful for good genes that got passed down to me as well!

I love you Mom and Daddy!

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