Reasons to Be Happy

By Gratitude Girl Vanessa

I was the featured speaker for a Kiwanis group a few weeks ago and was delighted with one element of their weekly program. They let members announce their “Reasons to Be Happy” in exchange for a dollar donation to their club operating fund. What a cool idea! Just another way to focus on the things we are grateful about right now in our lives.

So, I decided to play with it. I made up a sheet with the headline “Reasons to Be Happy” and a bunch of lines. (You can download the pdf at the end of this post.) Every week, I keep a running list of things, people, animals and occurrences that make me feel happy. With each item, I donate a virtual $1 to myself and at the end of the week, I “spend” that money on something fun. Something I want to have or want to do, but may not have the “real money” in my budget right now to buy.

The first week, I “bought” a ticket to go see Zakir Hussain & Masters of Percussion at the Rialto Theatre.  And the second week I “bought” tickets to go to a Martinis and Matisse exhibit. I had enough virtual money to take along several friends!

Some of my reasons to be happy the past few weeks:

–       Got all my tax info to the accountant and expect a refund

–       Laughing with Ben

–       Sunshine, daffodils and redbuds

Redbud and blue sky
Redbud blooming at the end of our driveway.

–       Cool shadows on the wall

–       Walking at an area park and watching the sun sparkle on the water (So, you can see sunshine is a huge happy boost for me!)

–       A purring cat on my lap and another by my side

–       Project finished, invoiced and paid in the same day

–       Lunch with a friend

–       Designed logo that my client “loved, loved, loved!”

–       Unexpected tip in my folder at the spa from my reflexology client last week

–       Great meeting with potential client (and thankful to have more than one of those in the last few weeks.)

–       Gong bath with Ben playing the Sub-Atomic Chau Gong. (Similar to this one.)

–       Signed on new design client and got deposit check

These are only a few of my happy moments over the last few weeks… I’ve listed more than 50 each week. What are your reasons to be happy today?

Download the Reasons to Be Happy tracking sheet and play along with me this week. I’m grateful for all of you!

7 thoughts on “Reasons to Be Happy

  1. Well great post I must say ! Ok reasons for me to be happy are –
    1) ……….
    right now nothing coming to my mind ..! i know it;s weird but I’m not too happy with life at present.

    1. Tania, the idea behind this happy sheet is to notice even the little things that make you feel good. Download the sheet and give it a try. I’ve written down “sunshine” a lot lately! Maybe a great song that comes on the radio, or a goofy thing your pet just did, or something you ate that tasted yummy.

  2. Thank you for the happy sheet, I will definitly be doing it. I always feel like happiness is a CHOICE. When we can’t find what to be happy about which happens more than it’s fair share, I always turn to myself and ask what can I choose to see happiness in, if that makes any sense. Once the flow begins, the river never stops, kind of like life. It just gets easier when we realize we all have choices in life, even if they seem limited. I choose to ‘be’ happy or not. It’s ultimately up to me;).
    Have a choice driven happy day!!!
    With Love,
    The other Vanessa;) (Vanessa Wichman)

    1. Vanessa, you cracked me up with “the other Vanessa”. And, then I laughed a second time when I told my husband about it. It makes me happy to be connected to people like you who make me laugh! I’m glad you will be using the happy sheet. Let me know what some of the things are that make you happy and what you buy with your “happy dollars”.

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