Grace and Bliss…Memorize the Moments


by Gratitude Girl Robin Kirby

Last weekend I was graced by spending a lovely long weekend on the beautiful, sparkling white beaches of the northern gulf coast. It is so easy for me to experience the divine in such a magnificent setting. I notice how much more in tune I have become with my own life force energy coursing through my body the more I practice this walk of gratitude as part of my spiritual growth process. Walking out onto the beach and feeling the crystalline effect of the grains of sand beneath my bare feet amplifying source energy entering my body was at once electrifying and very peaceful. I love the experience of both sides of the contrast simultaneously…………bliss.
I took the time each day to meditate on the beach with the rhythm of the surf as my mantra, the warm sun bringing light to my body, and the chilly breeze as an energetic cleansing. The sounds of children giggling, teens throwing footballs, and even a neighboring boom box passed through me in my stillness, and I loved every moment of it. This was a peak experience for me.
I also had the great joy of sharing the weekend with my husband and partner. For the first time in many years we shared vacation time together, just the two of us……no one else, no schedule, no demands, no alarm clocks, and very minimal use of any kind of technology or media. We rested. Together.
I did my very best to anchor in the peace and bliss in each moment of the experience by memorizing the moments as I was present to them….consciously imprinting the images of the sand, sky, and water, drinking in the sounds of the water embedding them inside of me, scanning my body to take in the physical sensations connected with the experiences….sort of freeze-framing the moments so that I can carry them with me and tap into them whenever I want to do so.
I am so blessed.
This is my spring, my renewal. I am dedicating myself to another 30 Days of Gratitude…..who wants to join me?

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