Breathing a Grateful OM

By Gratitude Girl Vanessa

I’m moving, being still, listening, feeling and observing my journey of Play, Peace and Prosperity in this new year. With the end of 2009 expanding in gratitude with Robin, Carolyn and all the folks who have joined us in “30 Days of Gratitude”, I also have been playing with other aspects of being centered, listening to my inner guidance and overcoming obstacles I’ve created for myself with beliefs that stand in my way.

I’m intrigued with how sound resonates and frees up energy in my body. A few years ago, I took classes and workshops on hand drumming. I found dumbeck, ashiko, jembe and other drumming energizing in ways I never expected. I even organized a few drumming workshops here in Atlanta with Rosario Carelli whom I met at an Artist’s Way creativity workshop in Taos, NM.

I have found that chanting releases blocked energy for me. I remember the first time I saw the Tibetan Monks of Loseling chant with their incredible tonal range and breath control. I could feel it in my chest even though I was in the audience and only participating by listening.

OM is visually beautiful, too!

Another truly powerful experience was at a Millionaire Mind workshop by T.Harv Eker where the he led 200+ participants in chanting the sacred sound of OM. It was almost seven years ago and only a few minutes of the entire workshop, but one of the things I remember most clearly from the entire weekend.

My husband has been chanting OM for several months now as part of a kriya he learned at an ISHA Yoga workshop in December 2009. Hearing Ben’s chants through the wall reminded me of how powerful that vibration felt to me. So, I did my own 30/30 experiment of chanting OM. Thirty times each day for 30 days.

I found I didn’t chant every day, but accomplished my 30 days over a span of about 35. Some days I chanted OM before meditating or praying, some days it was while walking (which doesn’t work particularly well when going uphill), and several days when I was driving. (With my eyes open of course!) I also chanted OM before I was interviewed for the Atlanta Business Radio show, both calming my jitters AND improving my vocal tone while on-air. (My segment is the last of four interviews on the podcast… so scroll forward to 29:08)

So it was no surprise when I found this quote about the healing power of OM. “The fact that sound reaches every cell of the body can be used for healing with music or chanting. The sound creates vibrations, which move deeper through the whole body, releasing pent-up energies and negative emotions.”

So, 37 days into 2010, I have more clarity about the direction of my work, I’m more peaceful with my self-talk, my attitude of play has expanded and my income continues to increase. OM is not the only thing I’m doing to stay in this place of ease and flow, but was one of the regular things I did in January. It is a great reminder that I have all I need, with every breath. Just like oxygen is there just when I need it. And when my body needs more oxygen, more is available with every breath. OoooMmmmmm, I’m grateful!

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