Your Comments, part 1

A few comments from people who are joining us in a month of gratitude. We’ll be sharing comments every few days… send us your stories and comments to!

“This looks really interesting to participate in… with a new year quickly approaching for me,  and a new career change careening around the corner…I am pretty darn grateful for the life I have with my wonderful husband…” HM

“Thanks for whatever journey you are helping me embark upon.  I am going to share this with a lot of people.  Remember to be good to yourself today…” KF

“Gratitude is a great thing, but sometimes I need reminding… This looks like a great program!” JL

“I saw your link on a friend’s facebook page. (J.S.L.) This sounds really inspiring.”

“Thank you.  Someone just asked me my secret for contentment and one of my answers was gratitude.”  He said, “That’s the opposite of entitlement, right?” “Yes.” JM

“Hi!  This sounds great!  I’d like to download it for a friend of mine who has just been diagnosed with cancer.” BW

Share 30 Days of Gratitude with your friends. Send them to to download the free e-book. Thank you!

Robin, Carolyn and Vanessa

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