Gratitude Chain

Today, begin a gratitude chain. This is a variation of the chains you made in school. Take strips of colored construction paper and write one thing you are grateful for on each chain link. As you complete the individual links, put them together with staples or glue to form interlocking circles. You might hang your growing chain from a prominent place and add to it every day. Keeping the strips handy will facilitate your chain making. This also makes a fun family project that helps children and other adults focus on the blessings of life.

I am thankful for…

Who and what springs to mind when you think of making your gratitude chain? In preparation for this exercise, you might begin your own gratitude list here.

“The secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life, and in elevating them to art.” ~ John Ruskin


We created a chain template that is available to download and print. You’ll find it on appendix page 39 in 30 Days of Gratitude. Download your copy of the e-book here.

One thought on “Gratitude Chain

  1. On this THANKS-giving Day, you may want to put a paper strips at everyone’s place at the bounteous dinner table and begin your chain as a family tradition for years to come! ~ Robin

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