This is the last day of your 30 day gratitude experience. It is our hope that you have had many astonishing moments as you have devoted 5 minutes a day, or more, to your gratitude practice. We invite you to take today’s meditation time to reflect on the past days’ exercises and outcomes. Which exercise … More Reflection

Gratitude Chain

Today, begin a gratitude chain. This is a variation of the chains you made in school. Take strips of colored construction paper and write one thing you are grateful for on each chain link. As you complete the individual links, put them together with staples or glue to form interlocking circles. You might hang your … More Gratitude Chain


Today is for gratitude. All day. Your meditation today centers around teaching yourself to be grateful for everything. Today, celebrate everything that happens. For the shower that has no hot water. For the complaining child. For the errant spouse. For the rush hour traffic jam. We don’t know the end result of anything. When we … More Gratitude


It is easy to roll around in our wish for those things we do not have. But it is much more productive and life enhancing to give thanks for those things we do have. Today’s exercise is a counting game. Wherever you are right now: in your bedroom, in your living room, or in your … More Perspective

A Great Day!

At the end of the day, make a list of 15 (or more) things that went right in your day, no matter how big or small. There are hundreds! A small thing might be “My alarm clock sounded just as I had planned”, or “The waiter got my order just right”, or  “There was plenty … More A Great Day!


Today we give thanks for all the escapes we have had over the years. Sometimes gratitude comes in those moments when we realize we have been spared misery. Today as you breathe into this time for yourself, we ask that you remember the “escapes”. Those “near misses”, those “fortunate coincidences” and those “divine interventions”. As … More Escapes

Give Away Day

The wheel of good fortune and peace turns on our ability to love others and ourselves. Today is an exercise in gratitude that will help you recognize the power of a simple “thank you.” We love others as we use this meditation time to choose 3 things we will give away. Center yourself in gratitude … More Give Away Day