Today is for gratitude. All day. Your meditation today centers around teaching yourself to be grateful for everything. Today, celebrate everything that happens. For the shower that has no hot water. For the complaining child. For the errant spouse. For the rush hour traffic jam. We don’t know the end result of anything. When we believe something is good, sometimes it turns out negatively. When we believe something is bad, it often brings us many blessings. Breathe deeply, settle into your 5 minutes and give thanks for everything. If you wish to expand your practice you may print the following card and carry it with you today. Perhaps place it where you can see it all day. Resolve to give thanks for absolutely everything, and see what happens!

Today I am grateful for everything that happens, everything that comes to me, everything that is taken from me, everything I see, and everything that I think. I resolve to give heartfelt thanks for EVERYTHING today.

“A thankful person is thankful under all circumstances. A complaining soul complains even if he lives in paradise.” ~Baha’u’llah

A printable reminder card is available in 30 Days of Gratitude on appendix page 36. Print the card, fold the page in half and use it as a tent card for your desk. Download your copy of the e-book here.

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