This is the last day of your 30 day gratitude experience. It is our hope that you have had many astonishing moments as you have devoted 5 minutes a day, or more, to your gratitude practice. We invite you to take today’s meditation time to reflect on the past days’ exercises and outcomes. Which exercise … More Reflection

Keeping Us Safe

Spend a few minutes being grateful for the people who are on call to keep you and your neighborhood safe. Buy or make a thank you card, then ask your neighbors, office mates or family to join you in signing it. Mail the card to your local fire or police chief to let these behind-the-scene … More Keeping Us Safe


Today is for gratitude. All day. Your meditation today centers around teaching yourself to be grateful for everything. Today, celebrate everything that happens. For the shower that has no hot water. For the complaining child. For the errant spouse. For the rush hour traffic jam. We don’t know the end result of anything. When we … More Gratitude

Social Networks

Today, we share our great good fortune with our social networks. Post a gratitude blast on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Or post your gratitude thought on all of them. Compose a sentence or two that reflects your growing gratitude for the life you have, the people you know, or the good someone … More Social Networks

Thank a Teacher

Write a note to one of your teachers. It can be a teacher from years ago when you were a child, a teacher in your Sunday School class, your fitness instructor, your child or a friend who helped you learn a life lesson. Send a note today to say thank you! What teacher will you … More Thank a Teacher

A Great Day!

At the end of the day, make a list of 15 (or more) things that went right in your day, no matter how big or small. There are hundreds! A small thing might be “My alarm clock sounded just as I had planned”, or “The waiter got my order just right”, or  “There was plenty … More A Great Day!

Check Yourself

Money represents how we have spent hours, days, and years of our lives. How often do you write a check or sign a credit card slip unconsciously or worse yet, grudgingly? Today, write “with gratitude” on every check that you write and on every credit card slip that you sign. Reflect on the times you … More Check Yourself