Gratitude Party… Dec 31, 2009, 11am – 2pm!

(by Gratitude Girl, Vanessa Lowry)

I love the internet… I started off with a Bible verse from the book of Matthew to talk about our New Year’s Eve Gratitude Party and then went to the “GratiDude’s Dance” and then Dr. Emoto. (FYI, this is how my mind works all the time. Hence, why I LOVE the internet!) There were more steps in my cyber wandering, but this is enough for this post.

You’re invited this Thursday to the Gratitude Party in Roswell, GA. If you can’t attend, make a comment of your grateful thoughts that you want amplified for 2010 and I’ll write it on our Gratitude Poster. If you are in the Atlanta area, stop by from 11am – 2pm!

Now, to the ramblings. I found the “GratiDudes” Dance which just made me laugh. And laughing is a perfect way to start the year off in gratitude. Now, I don’t plan on initiating the dance at our Gratitude Party, but if you feel so inclined, “Dance On Dude!” Robin, Carolyn and I have been calling ourselves the “Gratitude Girls”, but now my husband says we should shorten it to the “GratiGirls”.

And, the GratiDudes web page referenced the work of Dr. Emoto’s about how the structure of water crystals change based on the vibration of the words spoken over them. Here is what Love, Appreciation and Gratitude makes water crystals look like. And, our bodies are almost 60% water, so just imagine how beautiful your body looks in gratitude!

The University of California performed a long-term study on the on the power of gratitude. During their studies, they discovered that people who practiced being more grateful on a regular basis:

  • Had higher levels of health, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic.
  • Were more likely to have made progress toward important personal goals.
  • Slept better at night and had more energy throughout the day.

Are these some of the things you want for 2010? I do! Join me in Gratitude on New Year’s Eve to amplify GRATITUDE for the New Year. If you can’t be here in person, post your gratitude comment below and I’ll write it on our poster.

Oh, the verse from Matthew 18:20, “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Let’s amplify the good stuff for 2010 with gratitude! Love and Gratitude! ~ Vanessa

4 thoughts on “Gratitude Party… Dec 31, 2009, 11am – 2pm!

  1. Love your blog Vanessa, and your attitude! You are always bursting with joy and light – a pleasure to feel your spirit!

  2. Vanessa,

    I am a little late in reading this but the message is just as good. I love the internet too because it suits my mind that hops from subject to subject rapidly, always eager to explore and connect the dots.

    I LOVE Dr. Emoto’s work! I wrote a post about it on my blog a while back called “Sticks and Stones” – about how negative words CAN hurt us. We need to remember the power of words and vibration. (

    Thanks to the Gratitude Girls for spreading such good vibrations!


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