Self Love

From Gratitude Girl Robin

“Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have been turning this quote over and over in my mind since MLK Day. Thought is vibration that we transmit whether we physically or verbally express it. Think about it……..when you “tune in”, you can actually sense when someone is angry without even looking at them. That persons’ angry thought is sending out a “vibe” that is palpable. It changes the environment for the others in that space and far beyond. Like the ripples created when a pebble is dropped into still water, the vibration that is thought continues far past the “ripples” that we can perceive with our eyes.

The most insidious of these internally violent thoughts are those that we direct toward ourselves. They are the thoughts that show up when we make a mistake, stub our toe, or drop an egg on the floor……..Often we hear ourselves saying horrid things to ourselves about ourselves, saying things to ourselves that we would NEVER say to another person, in effect, verbally abusing ourselves whether we say the words aloud or not. These are messages that are buried in our subconscious that keep our vibration lower than it could/should be, and subtly inform our behavior.

……..and these internal messages are all BIG FAT LIES. We must become responsible for these thoughts, recognizing them as lies, so that we can begin to see the truth about ourselves. As we begin to love and appreciate ourselves as unique and precious creations, we raise our vibration and radiate that higher vibration into the environment, transforming the environment for the better for ourselves and for others.

When all of us turn our internal messages to self loving and acceptance, Dr. King’s dream becomes a real possibility.

One thought on “Self Love

  1. This is what one of my clients sent to me after reading the blog:

    “Good leaders have a positive energy is like an energy field or an aura that surrounds them and that similarly charges or changes weaker, negative energy fields around them.” ~ Covey

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