From a participant in “30 Days of Gratitude”

I wanted to let you know how the Gratitude event has helped me….

As  you know, I have been participating in the Gratitude event and really trying to remove things from my life that are negative so I can use positive energy to help me attain personal goals.. ( i.e. weight loss and better health in general and a growth in confidence in my ability and in my self things I have battled with all my life and want to get a grip on before 50 I am 47 now so I think I still have a little time left to get myself to a better place.) ..

During all of this I have also decided to limit my contact with people who I feel well.. treat me .. hmmm lets see how can I say this who treat me in a condescending manner.

What I loved about the days of gratitude it has made think.. that if I am going to change my physical self I first have to change my inside self ~ does that make sense??.. I know it sort of sounds.. well silly.. but I started thinking… all my life I have done the same old same old and gotten the same old results.. I have never attained what I wanted because I never fixed the things wrong on the inside.

….and one of the major things wrong on the inside is that I let  what people think of me affect how I think of myself. I seldom voiced thoughts or opinions for fear I was wrong or stupid or whatever.. guess what….??? I am not stupid… I have a voice and I have thoughts.. and if  people want to discuss things with me in a reasonable manner and ask me why I think that way .. well I have no issue engaging them.. but how much longer in my life am I suppose to be talked down too? or talked to as if I had mental issues..  In the past I have taken action to remove toxic people from my life.. and though I do not want to lose  (them).. I also want the same respect I give them for their opinions even if I do not agree with them… its not worth trying to explain this to them because guess what.. I WILL BE WRONG.. and “they have always been there for me” ( cough cough B.S.) so by giving gratitude to myself and my own peace of mind I have done things to limit contact with them.  wrong or right we shall see I guess.. I hope it does not turn (others)  away from me.. if it does then I guess thats the price I pay for making myself stronger, and appreciating what is truly real and good in my life and who really is genuine ..
Thanks for making me think.. and it really is not a bad thing so I hope u will interpret this as a good thing..
Its nice to know that at 47 I can still learn and grow.. and I still have  a chance to be the person I want to be both physically and emotionally.

H from AL

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