(Post by Gratitude Girl, Robin Kirby)

Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.” ~ Unknown

This quote has been with me for several days now churning about in my system and reminding me of many stories from my life. This rather unspectacular one in particular:

Several years ago my husband and I travelled to Baltimore to help one of our children move into her dorm. This particular morning the weather was chilly and drizzly. My thoughts were turned to planning for a day filled with shopping, hauling, loading, unloading, assembling, etc. When we walked out of the hotel into the heavy drizzle, Richard said “You stay here, I’ll bring the car around.” To which I immediately replied “Oh it’s ok, I won’t melt.”

I almost missed it…..In that moment I almost missed receiving the message that he cared so much for me that all he wanted was for me to stay warm and dry while he went to get the car. Not so much of a huge story, however that moment had a profound effect on me as I realized how much out of tune I had been with receiving and how gracelessly I responded at first.  I will always remember that moment. It serves as a reminder of the many, many kindnesses that come my way every day.

This lovely quote from the unknown author is so true. We are blessed when we receive without forgetting……..How many times a day are we receiving without even noticing?

One thought on “Receiving

  1. Thank you Robin for your entry today. It is so important to receive gracefully, as well as give.

    Today was the last day of my college classes and, as usual, on the last day, it was fraught with students who hadn’t read the syllabus, who’s dog ate it, and who innocently asked, ‘You mean I had to turn it in today?’

    Admist the seemingly endless barrage of students who wanted me to make special dispensation for them, there lurked those students (the majority) who never missed a class, who always had all of their work in on time, who did wonderful research and extraordinary writing and speaking, and who appreciated the new skills they gained during the semester. These were some of the gifts I received all semester.

    One day last week, a particular student wanted a 16 point grade curve and was being rather ‘rambunctious’ in his request. My gift that day, one among many, was for a couple of the other male students to step in and remind him to be civil.

    We hear so much about students who aren’t ‘what they used to be’, but it has been my experience that the vast majority of my students are engaged and interested, and wildly entertaining and open to being. And there are still those who, when witnessing an injustice, easily and with great affect, step up to defend and help.

    What a wonderful gift to have students who are open and willing and awake! I do notice….and I am grateful.

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