Give Away Day

The wheel of good fortune and peace turns on our ability to love others and ourselves. Today is an exercise in gratitude that will help you recognize the power of a simple “thank you.” We love others as we use this meditation time to choose 3 things we will give away. Center yourself in gratitude … More Give Away Day

Voice Mail

Add a question to your voice mail asking the caller to leave one thing they appreciate about their life today. It is a fun way to engage every caller. Not only will it make your day to learn what pushes their grateful button, it also gives your caller a fresh breath of gratitude as they … More Voice Mail


Who is the person that immediately comes to mind when you think about being helped through a depression or a rough spot? Find two candles. One to light as you meditate on the sparks you have received that made a difference to you and the second as a gift for someone who you know is … More Sparky