Count the Ways

Today is the 23rd day of your month of gratitude. Make a list of 23 items for which you are grateful today. Or compile your list of 23 people for whom you are grateful… in addition to people you personally know, you can list historic figures, scientists, authors, artists, musicians or more. Write your list … More Count the Ways


Today is a day to share your gratitude. Giving is the surest way to receive, so today you are all about giving without limits in order to see the joy you can create in someone else. What you give away always comes back to you. Make a gratitude card and hand one to at least … More Sharing


Today is for gratitude. All day. Your meditation today centers around teaching yourself to be grateful for everything. Today, celebrate everything that happens. For the shower that has no hot water. For the complaining child. For the errant spouse. For the rush hour traffic jam. We don’t know the end result of anything. When we … More Gratitude

Social Networks

Today, we share our great good fortune with our social networks. Post a gratitude blast on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Or post your gratitude thought on all of them. Compose a sentence or two that reflects your growing gratitude for the life you have, the people you know, or the good someone … More Social Networks

Thank a Teacher

Write a note to one of your teachers. It can be a teacher from years ago when you were a child, a teacher in your Sunday School class, your fitness instructor, your child or a friend who helped you learn a life lesson. Send a note today to say thank you! What teacher will you … More Thank a Teacher

A Great Day!

At the end of the day, make a list of 15 (or more) things that went right in your day, no matter how big or small. There are hundreds! A small thing might be “My alarm clock sounded just as I had planned”, or “The waiter got my order just right”, or  “There was plenty … More A Great Day!

Gratitude Tree

Trees use their leaves to gather life force energy from the sun. We humans can become more in tune with our life force energy when we express gratitude. Cut out paper leaves and ask people to write one thing for which they are grateful on each leaf. Find a small fallen tree branch. Collect the … More Gratitude Tree

Mutual Friend

Choose a friend who would benefit from a gratitude boost. (Isn’t that everyone?) Circulate a “friend appreciation list” among mutual friends and acquaintances of “why you are grateful for” the chosen friend. Have each of them send an email to you to be assembled into one list. Then share the list with the chosen friend, … More Mutual Friend

Love, Me II

Write out a list of all of the people who you love. (This list may look a bit different from your list yesterday.) Close your eyes and visualize them in a circle around you. Feel yourself radiating love to each of them. Feel the fullness of your heart and notice how much love you have … More Love, Me II

Love, Me

Write out a list of all of the people who love you. Close your eyes and visualize them gathered in a circle around you. Add to the circle all of those people who have loved you throughout your lifetime. Sense, see or feel their love as it radiates to you. As you visualize each person … More Love, Me