(Post by Gratitude Girl, Robin Kirby) “Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.” ~ Unknown This quote has been with me for several days now churning about in my system and reminding me of many stories from my life. This rather unspectacular one in particular: Several years ago my husband … More Receiving


This is the last day of your 30 day gratitude experience. It is our hope that you have had many astonishing moments as you have devoted 5 minutes a day, or more, to your gratitude practice. We invite you to take today’s meditation time to reflect on the past days’ exercises and outcomes. Which exercise … More Reflection


Gratitude requires us to slow down, to pause, and to reflect. In the silence, even if it only lasts a moment, we can recognize the miracle of our life. We connect with our essence when we pause. So today take a moment to pause in gratitude. As you dedicate 5 minutes to this exercise, allow … More Pause

A Dollar A Day

Even one dollar can make a difference. Connect with your heart and see where it leads you to give. Give away a dollar a day in any way you see fit. You may just be led to leave it somewhere for someone else to find. What did you do with a dollar today? “The happy … More A Dollar A Day

Gratitude Chain

Today, begin a gratitude chain. This is a variation of the chains you made in school. Take strips of colored construction paper and write one thing you are grateful for on each chain link. As you complete the individual links, put them together with staples or glue to form interlocking circles. You might hang your … More Gratitude Chain


Focus on someone for whom up until now; you have not been that grateful. For your 5 minutes today, breathe deeply, close your eyes, center yourself and send gratitude to one person who you have resented in the past. This is not an exercise in rehashing the past or justifying your actions or even thinking … More Focus