Count the Ways

Today is the 23rd day of your month of gratitude. Make a list of 23 items for which you are grateful today. Or compile your list of 23 people for whom you are grateful… in addition to people you personally know, you can list historic figures, scientists, authors, artists, musicians or more. Write your list … More Count the Ways

Eyes Wide Open

This day is dedicated to awakening. Awakening to your life. Settle into your special 5 minutes and take a couple of deep breaths.  As you settle, open your eyes and look around. What do you see?  Do not label or think about what you see, but feel the miracle of the sights in front of … More Eyes Wide Open


Welcome to “30 Days of Gratitude.” We are excited to offer you a heartfelt gratitude exercise every day for the next 30 days. These exercises have been designed to open your heart to the miracle of gratitude and the amazing changes that can happen when we become more grateful. There is a new exercise every … More Welcome